October, 2008

I just got some pretty awesome news. Jamie Kennedy and I are going to be performing together in a huge 1000 seat theater at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival Nov 20th, how f'n cool is that? It's at the Augusta Theater at Caesars palace in Vegas. Man I feel cool!

The Comedy Festival. November 20th 11:30pm.
(click pic to buy tix to the show of the decade)

I think Jamie is a really funny and innovative comedian and I of course am the funniest man/boy of our time, so it's going to be a good show. There's also another comedian on the show named Danny Bhoy, who I honestly have never heard of, but he's apparently huge overseas and everyone is telling me he's great, so this really should be the best show of the festival. It's kind of the lollapalooza of comedy minus the acid and vomiting and chicks passed out that you can rub up against. Man I hope we can sell out 1000 seats, that would totally get me a handjob! One thousand seats is big but not my biggest ever. I once did a 3000 seat show, but 1000 is till pretty damn big.
Jamie Kennedy, Mitch Fatel and Danny Bhoy. The Triple Threat.

People always ask me if I'm nervous when I do a show for a lot of people and I think it's funny because with comedy you get nervous when there's a small audience, not a big audience. A big audience is cake. People will not really laugh out loud in a small crowd. I think it's because they're scared they will be singled out by the comedian and/or audience. My worst shows are always the ones where there's 20 or 30 people. That's absolute death. Any joke that gets a laugh with a 100 people will get a thundering applause in front of 1000 people. It's just a weird phenomenon that the more anonymous someone feels the louder and more boisterous they will become. (First time I've ever used the word boisterous, wanted to point that out, I am quickly becoming one of the best writers of our time as well). So I'm pretty un-nervous (yes I can make up words, I've been on TV) about this event, just incredibly psyched to be doing it and working with a great guy like Jamie and I've been a humongous fan of Danny Bhoy for the last 5 minutes ; )

Man, am I succesful! I have such a fun life and I don't even smoke pot. I'm honestly like the only guy I know who doesn't drink or smoke pot. Total bore. Other things make me happy. Like Egg drop soup. Fuck that soup is incredible. I really have to give it to my chinese brothers on the fly egg drop soup.
Egg Drop Soup

I had it the other day and no matter what you think about Asians, you have to give it to them on the food. Especially the Chinese, you guys may unfairly imprison your people, have a horrible history of human rights abuses and lie about your gymnasts ages but you keep making soup like that and I'll look the other way. You would think having one amazing soup would be enough but just when I thought egg drop is the best soup in the world, I try, "Hot and Sour" soup and now I wanna put my head through the wall because I don't know what soup is better? You Fucking Chinese and your soups! God love ya. Good soup Chinese, seriously.

The only other thing I want to talk about is the election, everyone keeps asking me who I'm voting for and I'm keeping it private. No one has to know that I'm voting for Jesse Jackson again! This time I'm sure I'll get JJ in. Jesus it gets on my nerves seeing everyone and their mother on tv telling me who their voting for. Who cares. Has anyone else's opinion ever caused you to vote for someone? Seriously if you're voting for a candidate because Matt Damon likes him that's just sad. I can't believe people think anyone wants to hear them go on and on about who they're voting for like they’re so smart. That’s why I never talk politics with people because never in the history of the world has someone getting upset with me and yelling about what they believe ever made me suddenly change my mind and vote for someone else. I just wish this election was over already so Sarah can come home to me!
I can't wait till Sarah comes home to me.

No matter what happens though I think it's cool that history will be made! Speaking of history. My Comedy Central special, which changed the way we look at comedy, will be re-running this Tuesday Oct 21st. Everytime my Comedy Central special runs I get like 5000 new fans so if you're reading this for the first time, welcome and what the fuck were you doing home at 12:30 on Tuesday??? Anyway, glad to have you. I think I want to give any new fans a thanks for being a new fan so Webboy (webboy is a guy behind the scenes who runs everything) make sure to put some sort of deal here for everyone. WEBBOY'S DEAL: Get Mitch's Value Pack which includes both of his CDs "Miniskirts and Muffins" and "Super Retardo" for only $20 including shipping. That is a savings of $11. Click Here.

That sounds like a good deal! Okay honestly I have no idea what the deal is and I won't come back and re-read this because I'm much to busy to deal with stuff like this, I have the big egg drop soup/hot sour soup challenge coming up tonight and I have to train for it. Take care and remember, mitch fatel fans are the best fans in the world and most of them don't have jobs either so don't feel bad!


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