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November 1st, 2005

Holy shit do I rock! I did it, I really did it. First I convince that horrible looking woman Harriet Miers to withdraw her nomination to the Supreme Court and then without blinking an eye I release my second,
Available November 15th at

yes I said second, CD "Super Retardo." On the record now I, Mitch Fatel, want to state that I unequivocally (big word – thank you) guarantee that this CD is even better then my first, Miniskirts and Muffins, which has already gone Platinum! (Okay maybe not Platinum but close, at least Bronze). Seriously though I swear on my lord Jesus Christ this CD rocks and if just one person says it doesn't I should go to hell for eternity. Has anyone ever backed up their CD with an oath of eternal damnation? I think not! That's how strongly I feel about it. I still think Miniskirts and Muffins (M&M) rocks but I like Super Retardo because it's kind of a companion piece, in that it shows my progression in the last two years since M&M was released. A box set if you will. Miniskirts and Muffins is more mainstream whereas Super Retardo is more just for my fans. If you're a regular fan you'll know what I'm talking about. If you're new to my comedy you may want to start with M&M and work your way up to Super Retardo. In addition to some great comedy I also wrote a really funny 8 page comic book insert that’s included.

comic comic comic comic comic comic comic

Nothing depresses me more then opening a new CD and there's just crap there.
Every stupid bands picture! Oh yeah, you guys are extra cool!

Worse then nothing is when a band just puts that same lame picture of them trying to look cool. God I hate that, it makes me hate the band and want to puke on them. I'm spending twenty bucks can't you do better then that stupid boring picture that's in every CD? So I got in touch with one of the best comic book illustrators working today, the amazing Dean Haspiel (who is Harvey Pekar's illustrator) and he was into it so we put together a kick ass Super Retardo comic book. The artwork is really stunning. This is easily the proudest I've ever been of anything (except the time I adopted the vietnamese child I keep in my closet). I don't want to say that Super Retardo is going to change the world but I sent a case to hurricane ravaged Florida and people who have lost their entire homes are now saying at least they have Super Retardo.

"At least I can still laugh."

Onto other matters. Just when I think I've seen the most interesting e-mails ever, I get one that just blows all the others away...


I have to say, I never have alot of time as I am a dominatrix who has alot of beatings to do, but I decided to write you and tell you how great your material is.

XM did turn me on to you and am irritated I missed you in Tampa.I am starting to wonder if I should pack my whips and rope up and hunt you down, tie you up throw you in my closet and open it when I need a good joke. Don't worry I will treat you right I am in Atlanta and wondering when and if you will make a trip down here, I mean god! You went to Alabama! I am sure the muffins in Alabama are even missing a few blueberries! At least if you come to Atlanta, I'll give you a good spanking! ;)

Love and Lashes,
Mistress Fury

Anyway, I checked it out and sure enough this is a one hundred percent real mistress who beats people and stuff. Personally I've never been into stuff like that. Call me boring but I don't really think the Vagina needs any bells and whistles, it works fine for me without any of the options.
Mistress Fury. I've been a bad bad boy.

I'm not really into anything kinky. I guess I do have kind of a fetish for lingerie and stockings, but I only like girls to wear it they don't have to gag me with it or anything so I guess even that's not too kinky. Women can do so much to turn us on and all we can do is get a good job. So unfair. Anyway if I'm ever in Atlanta I will definitely get a picture with my mistress and post it. Who knows maybe I'll even let her tie me up. I guess you should try everything once. I would tell her not to yell at me though, I'm very sensitive. Actually the truth is I can't fool around because I have a great girlfriend. I've been dating the sweetest, hottest and also youngest girl in the world and she makes me so happy. Happy enough that we're actually moving in in December. Now if that's not an adult thing to do, what is?
How hot is my boo?

It's going to be weird getting used to not leaving my underwear on the floor. More importantly it's going fun hoping she leaves hers on it. Here's a picture of me with the beautiful 19 year old JennyJo. It's fun going out with a 19 year old. First, because she teaches me stuff, like that I'm her boo and Eminem will never do the Source magazine only XXL. And Second, all she eats is chicken fingers and I can afford like 50 orders of those a day and still have money left over so compared to her 19 year old friends I'm Donald Trump. The other day I let her order Chicken Fingers AND Mozzerella Sticks and she almost cried. Anyway just because we're living together doesn't mean I can't occasionally visit a dominatrix just to talk. I'll tell Jenny it's research for my act. Hopefully she'll be to busy with her homework to notice the whip marks on my ass. Anyway, I love you guys please tell me asap what you think about the CD and have a great Thanksgiving if I don't post by then.


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